Our Staff

Staff Profiles

Praneetha Singh

Head of Mathematics

Praneetha is our Head of Mathematics. She enjoys representing Hills Grammar nationally and internationally as a presenter; talking about current mathematical topics. She often reminds her students that Maths is the only subject that counts! 

Geoff Gates

Director of Academic Programs

Geoff is our Director of Academic Programs, English teacher, published author and occasional guitarist. He is passionate about promoting a culture of thinking in the school, and treating each student with respect. Taking his cue from Dead Poets Society, he asks students to not only ‘seize the day’, but to ‘seize the lesson’. 

Kara McBrien

Head of the ECEC

Kara is our Head of the Early Childhood Education Centre. She has been an early childhood educator for 15 years and has been a part of the leadership team in the ECEC since it opened in 2010. She is passionate about early childhood and providing children with the best start to their learning and development. 

Louise Green

Wellbeing Admin Assistant/Attendance Administrator

 Louise is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of students and providing quality service to parents and staff. She is a Certified Bush Regenerator with a passion for the environment and animal welfare, particularly injured school wildlife … and a crazy quilter.

Owen Nelson

Head of Music

Owen is our Head of Music, with specialisations in choral conducting, voice and piano. He is passionate about engaging students in the full range of opportunities provided by the music department. Owen is an experienced HSC senior marker and organises festivals and performances that take our students ‘beyond the school gate’.

Fernando Mazzei

Junior School Teacher

Fernando has been a Junior School teacher at Hills Grammar for over 20 years. He revels in seeing his students’ joy and satisfaction when they discover and learn. “When I had longer hair and played guitar we would call it ‘Discovery Learning.’ Today, the International Baccalaureate PYP program offers children learning challenges through an exciting transdisciplinary approach.


James Muir

Head of PDHPE

James is our Head of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. He is passionate about movement and loves to surf and train in Mixed Martial Arts. He is a presenter at PDHPE conferences and arranges #TeachmeetPDHPE. He loves sharing his passion for health and wellbeing with students and staff.

Rosa Maria Sciacchitano

Junior Drama Teacher

Rosa is our Junior Drama Teacher. She is passionate about the Performing Arts and has been trained as a Director, Performer and Choreographer. Her goal is to encourage, support and promote expression amongst Hills Grammar students in order for them to flourish as young individuals.

Amy Hughes

English Teacher

Amy is one of our dedicated English teachers. She lectures for the English Teachers’ Association and is a co-author of HSC English study guides. She engages students with her signature mix of humour and rigour. Amy is a seasoned performance poet who inspires students to embrace the power of language and the spoken word.

Our staff delight in the opportunity to work in such a professional, academic and friendly community. We recognise that it is vital for staff to cultivate positive relationships with the children and young people in our care; as well as with their families, so that our students can thrive.

Our School owes much of its success to the learning opportunities provided by our teachers who develop innovative and effective learning pedagogies in the classroom. We attract and retain exceptional staff who consider it an honour and a privilege to work with the children and young people of the school. Every teacher from ECEC to Year 12 is engaged in regular and rigorous professional learning to ensure that hey are the best they can be, in the interest of enabling our students to be the best they can be, and in turn, considerably enhance student learning outcomes.

Teachers at Hills Grammar have the opportunity to:

  • Work with highly qualified, experienced and skilled colleagues in one of Sydney’s leading contemporary Independent Co-educational Schools.
  • Focus on the art of teaching, while they facilitate student learning in small classes.
  • Enjoy the challenges of innovative curriculum development and work in well-resourced learning environments.
  • Engage in teacher accreditation programs related to NESA and ISTAA requirements that are authentic and enriching learning and development opportunities, through a well-managed and clearly articulated process.

Support Staff contribute to the School’s educational program across Pre K-12 through providing operational, professional and para-professional expertise in positions covering a wide range of services. They have the opportunity to engage in professional learning and study opportunities that enriches their capacity to support those who are at the front line of student learning delivery. 


To find out about employment opportunities at  Hills Grammar please visit our employment page.